For Search and Rescue Emergencies:
If you are calling from a local telephone, call 9-1-1
If you are calling from a non-local telephone, to reach the sheriff’s dispatch, dial:

County Dispatch Number
Clear Creek 303-679-2376
Jefferson 303-277-0211
Gilpin 303-582-5500 or 303-582-5511


2017 Board of Directors:

Board Position Member Name Contact Email
President Wes Brown president[at]alpinerescueteam [dot] org
Field Director Paul Woodward fielddirector[at]alpinerescueteam [dot] org
Secretary Melissa Archey
Treasurer Pete Woroniecki
Qualified Rescue Rank Rep Mike Everist
Rescue Rank Rep Jerry Petrilli
Support Rank Rep Dawn Wilson
Delegate at Large Eric Howland
Delegate at Large Chris Pierce
Delegate at Large Jim Schoettler


Other Directors:

Board Position Member Name Contact Email
Training Director Scott Franey training[at]alpinerescueteam [dot] org
Media Inquiries Media Information pio[at]alpinerescueteam [dot] org
Outreach Coordinator Howard Paul / Bruce Beckman psar[at]alpinerescueteam [dot] org
Membership Inquiries Dawn Wilson newmember[at]alpinerescueteam [dot] org
Webmaster Gerrit Padgham webmaster[at]alpinerescueteam [dot] org
Alumni Info Dale Atkins alumni[at]alpinerescueteam [dot] org


Mailing Address
Alpine Rescue Team
PO Box 934
Evergreen, CO 80437

303.526-2417 (Alpine Headquarters)

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