Ten Tips for Safe Travel in Avalanche Terrain

  1. 30-45 degree slopes most prone.
  2. Cross slopes one at time.
  3. Carry transceiver, collapsible probe, shovel and know how to use them.
  4. Wear gear with Recco reflectors.
  5. Avoid leeward ridge sides.
  6. Slides most common during, right after storms.
  7. Avoid narrow gullies.
  8. Stay high on ridges or well into valley floor.
  9. Beware nature’s warnings: collapsing layers, recent slides, “whumpfing”
  10. Think it “can’t happen to you?” It can, and might.

Avalanche Awareness Information Fact Sheet (PDF)
White Book: The Movie – RECCO’s 26-minute video based on their popular 36pp. avalanche safety booklet.
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RECCO®  Avalanche Awareness – a 6-minute video primer on safe travel in avalanche-prone terrain.