Education Outreach

Outreach Program

The Outreach Program for the team involves the participation in the following types of events:

•    Fundraising Events
•    Education Events
•    Public Relations Events

Outreach Committee

The current Team President, Development Director and Training Director will constitute a permanent committee to oversee the Outreach Program.

Duties of the Committee

Will review all current Outreach Program events for the team on an annual basis and make recommendations to the Board of Directors each year as to which events the team will participate.

Will evaluate and determine the team’s participation in potential new events on an ongoing basis subject to review by the Board of Directors.

Will ensure all education programs being presented by the team have been reviewed


An Outreach Coordinator will be appointed each year. This person together with the Training Director will coordinate the scheduling of all outreach events. This person will also serve as the initial contact person for all outside inquiries for the different events.

Please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Lynda Wacht for more information:

PSAR ‘at’